May 2017

Dream in colours, for hues are vibrant
Somya Kedia

Vibrancy was an idea inspired by color, life, and expression. Photography lasts through both joyful and tough times and this work serves to demonstrate this passion in vibrancy as seen in life. With this book, we wanted to encourage our student photographers to focus on the dynamic aspects of their lives and to submit images they believed best represent it.

Best in Show: Aidan Fox

Honorable Mentions: Steven Baboun + Neah Grey

Featured Photographers: Aidan Fox (KSB ’20), Marley Hambourger (SOC ’19), Emily Ambach (SOC ’17), Jordan McCormack (SOC/CAS ’19), Maria Carrasco (SOC ’19), Janella Polack (CAS ’17), Matt Francisco (CAS/SOC ’20), Taylor Mickal (SOC ’20), Isabel Gavurin (SOC ’19), Christian J S Paolini (SIS ’19), Nickolaus Mack (SIS ’19), Addison Marry (CAS ’20), Erin Doran (SOC ’17), Andrew Yianne (SIS ’19), Natasha Quinones Jorge (SOC ’19), Emily Watkins (SPA ’19), Meriam Salem (SIS ’18), Neah Grey (SOC ’20), Kristy Peng (SIS ’20), Hermon Beryehun (’19), Hannah Solus (SOC ’18), Sierra Schmitz (SOC ’19), Arianna Alter (SIS ’19), Zachary Porter (CAS ’18), Amir Dif (CAS ’19), Scott Mullins (CAS ’18), Anna Moneymaker (SOC ’18), Steven Baboun (SOC ’17)

Cover photo by Aidan Fox