May 2016

The Melodic Moment was inspired by matching the perfect photographic moment caused by a song lyric. The theme pushed our photographers to see past our normal photo medium and combine it with sound.

Honorable Mention: Emily Hohman + Christian Paolini

Featured Photographers: Emily Hohman (KSB ’16), Anna Rutenbeck (SOC ’16), Christian Paolini (SIS ’19), Zachary Porter (CAS ’18), Meriam Salem (SIS ’18), Arianna Alter (KSB ’19), Isabella Mcdonnell (SOC ’16), Anna Rutenbeck (SOC ’16), Jen Meller (MFA ’16), Anna Moneymaker (SOC ’18), Anna Northrup (MFA ’16), Kristie Chua (SOC ’16), Emily Watkins (SPA ’19), Marissa Howell (SPA ’18), Laura Turner (SOC ’17), Arshum Rouhanian (SOC ’18), Sierra Schmitz

Cover design and photo by Zachary Porter