May 2015

Side by Side was an idea inspired by the ability to visually relate photographs simply by placing them next to each other. Through subject matter and composition, I wanted to push the creativity of our student photographers to find a new way to see their own work.

Best in Show: Julia Rapp

Honorable Mentions: Kristie Chua + John Levandofsky

Featured Photographers: John Levandofsky, Julia Rapp, Steven Baboun, Emma Knight, Emily Hohman, Jeremy Davis, Mahnoor Hussain, Sierra Schmitz, Kristie Chua, Hodan Saeed, Murugi Thande, Zachary Porter, Matthew Stebenne, Anike Skeete, Angela DiGiaimo, Rosie Black, Mithila Samak, Anike Skeete, Julian Gomez, Lindsay Maizland, Julia Hester, Alexandra Korba, Min Ho Choi Scott Mullins, Bridget Anshus, Matthew Stebenne, Lindsay Maizland

Cover photos by Sierra Schmitz