May 2018

No matter who we are, every one of us has our own unique perspective on life. We each have our own story to tell, whether it be through our identities, interests, communities, or experiences. Framing Perspectives was a theme built around this concept; we wanted to provide the opportunity for students to use their photography to put forward literal and abstract representations of their own perspective. In doing so, many of our student photographers were able to bring interesting, dynamic, and inventive images that draw us in and challenge how we look at our everyday lives.

Best in Show: Sherry Gui

Honorable Mentions: Delfina Valentina Barbiero + Emma Shetter

Featured Photographers: Delfina Valentina Barbiero (SOC ’18), Kay McCarthy (SOC ’18), Emily Watkins (SPA ’19), Mara Subbotin (SPA ’19), Anna Moneymaker (SOC ’19), Jeremy McLane (SIS ’21), Kyra McNaughton (SOC ’19), Anastasia Fengyue Zhang (SIS ’21), Emma Shetter (CAS ’18), Kira Zimmerman (SOC ’18), Matt Francisco (CAS/SOC ’20), Carol Wright (SOC ’20), Shirley Araiza Santaella (SPA ’18), Sherry Gui, Michael Connaughton, Marley Hambourger (SOC ’19), Anthony Holten (SIS ’20), Jason Brandon (KSB ’19), Kay McCarthy (SOC ’19), Melany Rochester (SOC ’20), Trev Francis (SOC ’18), Matthew Sgrizzi, Andrew Yianne (SIS ’20), Yu Xue

Cover photo by Sherry Gui